Mertens Wants To Stay In Naples To Win

Mertens Wants To Stay In Naples To Win

Napoli striker Dries Mertens insists he is trying to stay in Napoli to win the trophy.

There has been a lot of talk in the summer on the Scudetto title, which the 30-year-old agreed to stay away from Naples and even return early for pre-season training.

Maurizio Sarri’s squad has an amazing start with Partenopei for the season, with the club winning their first seven games in a row.

“I and all the players intend to stay because we want to win something,” Mertens told reporters outside the Belgian training camp.

“The longer you are together, the better it is in teamwork and I’m happy to be involved in that. We hope to do well against Roma and Inter. ”

Mertens has been playing for Napoli since 2013 and is listed in the Belgian national team squad in 2011.

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