Persela Reluctant to Think of Coach Substitution in Semen Padang Squad

Persela Reluctant to Think of Coach Substitution in Semen Padang Squad

After losing 0-4 to PSM Makassar on October 2, 2017, officially Nil Maizar resigned as head coach of Semen Padang

Position was later assumed by Delfi Adri since the series of matches in the 28th week of the League 1 competition.

Delfi’s debut was fairly decent because managed to bring Semen Padang hold 0-0 draw one strong team of Madura United on Friday (6/10/2017) then.

However, Persela Lamongan, who will face Semen Padang, Sunday (15/10/2017) future, reluctant to think about it.

“Importantly, we have to focus and concentrate on the team itself, let alone Ivan Carlos has also started training with us,” said one young defender Persela, Ahmad Birrul Walidain, Thursday (12/10/2017).

Birrul opportunity to play in the game counter Semen Padang is quite large, considering Taufik Kasrun who both occupy the position as right-back is still in the recovery phase of injury.

“If it is to be handed down by the coach, obviously I am ready, I also promise to try to bring out the best I have in the match (against Semen Padang),” he said.

The original defender of Lamongan also said he was also ready to compete with the attackers of Semen Padang in the match.

“Preparation has been done, God willing I am ready when it is believed to appear, including when it must be a sprint fight with the attackers Semen Padang,” said Birrul.

In the last match that was held in the stage of League 1, when Semen Padang draw against Madura United, Persela actually swallow a thin 1-2 when visiting the headquarters of Persipura Jayapura on Friday (6/10/2017) ago.

“Certainly the coach already knows what strategy to use in the game, because going to play at home, I certainly hope to get a positive result (win),” he said.

Indonesia Vs Fiji, Weather Can not Be a Reason

Indonesia Vs Fiji, Weather Can not Be a Reason

Fiji national team coach, Christophe Gamel, highlighted the weather in Indonesia after training. Nevertheless, the Frenchman asked his troops not to make the weather a reason.

Fiji national team will melakoni test match against the Indonesian national team at Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (02/09/2017) at 16.00 pm. Gamel hopes his foster children can show their best.

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“The heat here is very different from that in Fiji, but the kids should not be the reason,” Gamel said as quoted by BolaSport from Facebook Official Fiji Football Association Fan Base.

To anticipate the weather, Gamel decided to bring the team to come to Indonesia a few days earlier. He hopes the players can adapt well.

“That’s why I came three days before the game and prepared them for this kind of weather,” he said.

Mother’s Coming So Motivated Shohei Matsunaga to Go Back Print Goals

Mother’s Coming So Motivated Shohei Matsunaga to Go Back Print Goals

Persib Bandung will face the top standings while Liga 1 Indonesia, Persipura Jayapura, at Mandala Stadium, Jayapura, on Monday (28/08/2017).

Persib attacker imported, Shohei Matsunaga, determined to score the goal he wants to dedicate to the mother who was coming to Bandung.

“I always want to score, yesterday the mother came from Japan, so add motivation,” said Shohei at Mes Persib, Ahmad Yani Street, Wednesday (22/08/2017).

The Japanese penggawa it was experiencing a goal drought. Currently, he just pocketed three goals.

The decline in the productivity of Shohei’s goals can not be separated from the new task that he held. In Persib, Shohei served as an opening hole attacks and feeder for the main bomber Persib.

Although dragging goals, Shohei acceleration is often the starting point of the birth of goals Persib. Persib chance to win at home to Persipura is heavy.

However, Shohei optimistic his colleagues are able to surprise the camp host.

“We have to win, too, and we are in the top position, we are not afraid because many players are qualified, I am optimistic to steal points,” said Shohei full of motivation.

Shohei realize that getting points at home to Persipura team is not an easy matter.

“We heard it was hard to win there, but three times their opponents are positive, I do not know (strength of Persipura) now, I am against anyone who is important to play good,” he said.

Bruno Lopes Speaks about Game Vs PSM and Cooperation with Reinaldo

Bruno Lopes Speaks about Game Vs PSM and Cooperation with Reinaldo

Persija Jakarta striker, Bruno da Silva Lopes, admitted the match against PSM Makassar is very heavy Cara Daftar Sbobet.

He admitted very difficult to penetrate the defense of PSM escorted by Steven Paulle and Hamka Hamzah.

Both teams are seen to show his best performance for 90 minutes.

PSM winning first through goals from Marc Klok and Willjan Pluim in the first half. Persija can only reply in the second half through goals Reinaldo Elias da Costa and Bruno Lopes.

“It was a very different game than usual, we had trouble in the first half but in the second half we played well so we could attack to score goals,” said Bruno.

“I admit in the first half we are too respectful with PSM and the players are also less good in keeping the opponent players,” he said.

Furthermore, Bruno added, he does not question the unrelated cooperation with Reinaldo.

According to Bruno, he should communicate more often with Reinaldo.

“I do not think it’s much deeper,” said Bruno. “It’s important that me and Reinaldo try to score goals in every game.”

Coach Madiun Putra Named Football That’s Unique and Antique

Coach Madiun Putra Named Football That’s Unique and Antique

Coach Madiun Putra, Sartono Anwar, admitted the advantage of PSIM Yogyakarta who managed to beat his team in the 11th week of Group 5 Liga 2 Situs Poker. Madiun Putra lost 1-2 when away to PSIM headquarters at Sultan Agung Stadium on Wednesday (9/8/2017).

“In terms of games, PSIM is good,” said Sartono after the game.

Sartono called football was unpredictable despite already having a strategy and a mature tactic before facing the opposing team. According to him, the strategy and tactics that applied it in advance still lost to PSIM as the host.

“The football is unique and antique, here we are losing strategy from PSIM and we are also slightly harmed by the referee, there are some decisions that disadvantage us,” said Sartono.

Sartono said the defeat did not change his team’s rank in Group 5. This year he did not expect to enter the playoffs considering his team must win the last three games in the group.

For Sartono, the most important thing this time his team can survive in League 2.

“We have one away game and two home games, one game for us is haunted, that is against Martapura, it is very difficult to beat them,” said Sartono.

Get Rid of Indonesia, Coach Thailand: Messi Reluctant to Play Here

Get Rid of Indonesia, Coach Thailand: Messi Reluctant to Play Here

Thailand managed to get rid of the U-22 national team that desires to the U-23 Asian Cup final. White Elephant – Thailand name – a draw tampa goals against Indonesian national team U-22, Sunday (23/07/2017).

These results are enough to make Thailand qualify for the U-23 Asian Cup. They became one of the best renner ups in the qualifying round.

However, Thai coach Worrawoot Srimaka looks upset with the field conditions at the National Stadium, Bangkok. Throughout the game, puddles fill the stadium. In the previous game when held Mongolia 1-1 Thailand played also in similar conditions.

So upset with puddles, Srimaka not sure if Barcelona star Lionel Messi want to play at the National Stadium. Incidentally, Thailand ran for the 2034 World Cup.

“You can say that today’s game is not as expected because of the condition of the field, the situation today is like when against Mongolia,” he said, as quoted from Goal Thailand.

“If the World Cup is played in here, I’m not sure Messi wants to play,” Srimaka added.

Srimaka also gave praise for U-22 national team. He did not think Indonesia has many talented players.

“Today, Indonesia U-22 national team has prepared everything well and now I understand that Indonesia can also rotate players, but Thailand also has many players to compete with them in SEA Games,” he concluded.